the latest palace x adidas parody promo goes 'planet earth'

Do you think David Attenborough has one of the London skate kings's velour tracksuits?

by Isabelle Hellyer
13 December 2016, 3:29pm

Palace's latest adidas collaboration has landed, and so has the ad for it. It's a solid parody of those esoteric sportswear ads that gesture vaguely at performance and achievement, but Palace makes all that typical talk of triumph sound much less poetic. "What are we?" a voiceover asks, "Where are we going? When we get there, will there be wifi?"

i-D cover boy Blondey McCoy is running up a hill all the while, with Planet Earth-style stock footage appearing every now and then. It it inspiring? We're not sure. Does the velour tracksuit look good? Absolutely. 

It's not Palace's first pisstake-turned-ad. Hopefully, you've already seen the Jonah Hill-led video espousing the virtues of the London skate brand's earlier collaboration with Reebok. If not, please do — we called it "the best/worst" fashion film of all time. Now, these two shorts probably tie.


Text Isabelle Hellyer

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