listen to two of david bowie’s final recordings

'No Plan' and 'When I Met You' are taken from the cast album of the singer’s 'Lazarus' musical.

by Matthew Whitehouse
19 October 2016, 2:40pm

Less than a year on from the death of David Bowie and more details emerge of the remarkable burst of creativity that defined the singer's final months.

While stage musical Lazarus and ultimate album Blackstar seemed to serve as an immaculately delivered final statement — a full-stop in a career of continual commas — it appears that a series of posthumous releases will form part of an unprecedented piece of legacy management by the artist; one that began with last month's carefully curated Who Can I Be Now? box set.

Another such release is the Lazarus cast album, out this Friday via ISO/RCA Records. Taken from the stage play which opened in New York last year (and was in turn based on the singer's 1976 The Man Who Fell To Earth movie), the album features cast versions of classic Bowie songs as well as three new compositions — "Killing a Little Time," "When I Met You," and "No Plan" — the latter two of which made their debut on British radio yesterday.

Listen to "When I Met You" around the 51-minute mark here and "No Plan" around 46-minutes in here.


Text Matthew Whitehouse
Image via YouTube

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