​kim kardashian makes a documentary about mental health and social media

The woman who broke the internet wants you to use social media for better mental health.

by Charlotte Gush
23 April 2015, 5:25pm

Kim Kardashian has made a film about mental health in the internet age, due to be released during Mental Health Week on May 5. Kim is the executive producer of #RedFlag: Mental Illness Meets Social Media, which follows the lives of two people dealing with mental health issues and explores how they use social media to "express their feelings, connect with others and find support". An avid user of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Kim is herself a dab-hand at sharing her life, thoughts and feelings on social media. She may have some experience of mental health problems too, as her brother Rob, who has struggled with his body image, has been described as depressed on the family's reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kim said "I am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that are loving and nurturing, but not everyone has that kind of support", going on to explain the scale of the issue: "Twenty-five percent of adults in America will suffer from a mental illness in their lifetime, and many of them turn to social media to vent their depression, loneliness and isolation." A short trailer has been released, focusing on one woman's struggle with bipolar disorder. It's dramatic and emotional (and arguably somewhat exploitative) but HNL, the American TV channel who will screen the full film, have said the film will show the "the encouragement they each receive from their families" and aims to inform viewers "about how we can help those around us who might be suffering by raising the #RedFlag."

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