10 emerging new york designers you should know

In this new series, we spotlight ten rising stars in fashion, art, music, and culture. First up, meet ten of the Big Apple’s most promising emerging design talents you’ll want to keep your eye on.

by i-D Team
24 February 2015, 11:00pm

Name: Zana Bayne of Zana Bayne.
Known for: Bringing bondage harnesses from the bedroom to the streets.
Age: 26.
From: Seattle and San Francisco.
NY neighborhood: East Williamsburg, studio in Manhattan.
Inspirations: "Silhouettes, people around in New York, and imagining how I could create things that would apply to them."
Studio jams: "Sometimes it's really minimal techno to keep the flow going, sometimes it's all Beyonce, sometimes we just get into a Siouxsie and the Banshees power hour."
The best advice she's ever been given: "Take risks."
Favorite spot in NY: The Frick Museum.

Name: Adam Selman of Adam Selman.
Known for: Playful, sexy women's separates.
Age: 32, shhhh.
FromBelton, Texas originally.
NY neighborhood: Greenwich Village, studio on 29th St.
Inspirations: "From current events to nostalgia, I love to start from a place in the past and then bringing it into a place in the future."
NY design heroes: "I really love Halston, he's an amazing designer to me. I love Zaldy, he doesn't get enough credit."
Why he loves New York: "Because it feels like home to me."
The best advice he's ever been given: "You can give somebody great clothes but you can never give them style."

Names: Mike Eckhaus, Zoe Latta, of Eckhaus Latta.
Known for: Avant-garde, textile-driven pieces for the downtown kids.
Age: 26, 27.
From: New York (Mike), Santa Cruz, California (Zoe).
Neighborhood: Chinatown, East Hollywood.
Inspirations: "We don't really work from direct sources of inspiration, it's always elusive." -Mike.
The best advice they've ever been given: "Stick to your guns." -Mike. "The heart is a muscle." -Zoe

Name: David Michael Hershberger of David Michael.
Known for: New romantic, draped womenswear with a hint of rock.
Age: 32.
From: Huntington Beach, Southern California.
NY neighborhood: Soho.
Inspirations: Friends, playing music, aliens, science.
The best advice he's ever been given: "Drink lots of water and get some sleep."

Name: Arielle de Pinto of Arielle de Pinto.
Known for: Funkyoffish chainmail accessories and knitted shoes.
Age: 29.
From: Toronto, Montreal.
NY neighborhood: Chinatown.
Style icon: Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Why she loves NY: "There's constant change and clashes of cultures. I also like talking to strangers on the street."
The best advice she's ever been given: Never hold back.

Name: Jessica Walsh.
Known for: A knockout Parson's MA collection, helping Kanye West realize his designs at adidas. 
Age: 24.
From: Stockton-on-Tees, in the northeast of England.
Inspirations: "Viewing people on the subway, watching them interact, their behaviors and body language is really important and the core of my inspiration."
Why she loves NY: "There is no schedule and 24 hours really does exist here. My days generally start at 10pm and some of my best work comes from the night."

Names: Beckett Fog, Piotrek Panszczyk of Area.
Known for: Intelligent, embossed women's collection and unisex, vacuum-packed Ts. 
Age: 26, 28.
From: Kentucky, Poland.
NY neighborhood: Chinatown.
Inspirations: Texture, random selfies. 
Style icons: "It's more about the texture and, while we work, about the process which forms a person. So in the end, it's up to you to decide." -Piotrek.
The best advice they've ever been given: "My dad drilled something in me since I was young: if you are not going to do something right, don't do it at all. My mom also said, 'Always leave a party when you're having fun.'" - Beckett.

Name: Max Vanderwoude Gross of Proper Gang.
Known for: Primary-colored reworked men's classics
Age: 28.
From: Maryland.
NY neighborhood: Bushwick, SoHo.
Inspirations: Characters, real people, and nature.
Style icon: "Literary people, revolutionary people, that kind of stuff. Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, and the Black Panthers."
Studio jams: "Definitely hip-hop, that's an old favorite. But right now, I'm getting into old soul music, blues, jazz, even house."
Why he loves NY: "I more love the idea of old New York rather than New York right now. It's a little commercial, not so cool as it used to be."
The best advice he's ever been given: You're only on this ride once. You've only got one life, so try to be happy.

Name: Hillary Taymour of Collina Strada
Known for: A new kind of stripped-back leather and silk look.
Age: 27
From: California.
NY neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Inspirations: "I am constantly inspired by just being in the city, travelling, and seeing different kinds of landscapes, different cultures, and how people are dressing."
Studio jams: Nature-infused synthetic beats.
The best advice she's ever been given: Always wear black.

Name: Ryu Hayama of Fingers Crossed
Known for: Conceptual menswear combining NY ease and Japanese deconstruction.
Age: 38.
From: Japan.
NY neighborhood: Lives in Sunnyside, Queens, studio on Broadway and 23rd St.
Inspirations: 90s, grunge, and Radiohead.
NY design heroes: Ojo Abramav. 
Style icon: Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.
Studio jams: Radiohead.
The best advice he's ever been given: Just take it easy. Don't think too much and just let it go.

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