björk premieres new “lionsong” video on noisey

There are boobs, plenty of PVC and all-round beauty in B’s new video, directed by Inez & Vinoodh.

by Stuart Brumfitt
12 March 2015, 2:21pm

Heaving breasts under transparent PVC are not how you'd expect a Björk video to begin, but that's exactly how her new Lionsong clip kicks off (although admittedly her boobs are artfully dressed under a cut-out top that makes them resemble a big, beating heart, arteries and all).

Björk's body is manipulated throughout, with visual effects (by Framestore) elongating her legs and cinching her waist, no doubt a teasing comment on her desirability. This is, after all, a single from Vulnicura, her big break-up album after the collapse of her marriage to artist Matthew Barney. Dressed as prickly as a porcupine, or as soft as a blowable dandelion, she sings, "Maybe he will come out of this loving me" before adding, "Somehow I'm not too bothered either way." There's anger and serenity and she admits to not knowing how to handle "abstract, complex feelings."

The video was directed by longtime Björk collaborators Inez & Vinoodh, who said "Björk's character for Lionsong had to be smooth like a spider waiting in her web and seductive like a Balinese dancer cast in bronze. She is seen as if under a microscope, baring her heart while luring us inside the bloody galaxy of her own wound."

Premiered on Noisey, the video comes as the Björk retrospective takes over New York's Museum of Modern Art and she performs intimate shows in the city.

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