meet ​alessandro michele's surprising new gucci hire

Introducing the GucciGhost.

by Lynette Nylander
26 February 2016, 12:59pm

Milan Fashion Week kicked off with a knock-out collection from label of the moment -- Gucci. The brand is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to the vision of its creative director Alessandro Michele, whose blend of eclectic and bohemian references is gaining him legions of fans. The collection played on the intersection of high and low and saw Alessandro mix brocades, embroidery and ruffles but with a twist, as models carried bags were covered in a spray painted version of the famous 'double G' logo along with the word 'real' scribbled on top a tote bag embossed with the Gucci name. It felt like a tongue-in-cheek nod to the counterfeit issue that comes with being one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world.

The mastermind of the graffiti was Trevor Andrew aka GucciGhost, who was hired by Michele to join the Gucci team after seeing his witty interpretation of the double G logo. "I saw the way Trevor was using the symbol of the company and I thought it was quite genius. It's completely different than the idea of copying. It's the idea that you try to [take to] the street, through language like graffiti, the symbols of the company," Michele tells WWD. Andrew is a former skateboarder, artist, and designer whose obsession with Gucci has been enduring ever since he bought a watch from the brand as a teenager.

Photographer and i-D contributor Ari Marcopoulos brought Andrew's work to Alessandro's attention and after a meeting with him to show him his work, Andrew returned to Milan to paint on clothes and accessories for Wednesday's show. "I just had music on, and was painting bags and painting jackets and painting material and drawing stuff and making my own mock-ups of prints and giving them my whole -- just giving them a whole bunch of ideas," Andrew explains. He concludes, "I can't wait for this stuff to come out. It's validation for my craziness." Exciting news and proof that your designer obsession can pay off in a big way!


Text Lynette Nylander
Photography @Gucci

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