​watch david bowie feverishly dance in new 'lazarus' video

The guy with the creepy bandaged, rivet eyes from 10 minute epic 'Blackstar' is back…

by Charlotte Gush
07 January 2016, 8:13pm

David Bowie has just revealed the latest track and video from new album ★ (Blackstar), which will arrive in full tomorrow. The song shares its name with the off-Broadway musical Bowie co-wrote and scored last summer, "Lazarus." In the video, Bowie writhes around on a hospital bed in a white-tiled, institutional-style room. His eyes are bandaged and riveted like they were in the 10 minute long music video epic for album title track "Blackstar." After levitating out of his bed, Bowie displays his inimitable dance style, moving spasmodically through space. He scribbles frenetically and looks to the skies for inspiration as a frustrated writer, before juddering backwards into a wardrobe.

Keep your eyes peeled for our full album review, published tomorrow.

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