69 fall/winter 16 gave us denim to dance in

The all-inclusive brand presented its newest range of American-made interchangeable basics with a poppin’ disco celebration.

by Emily Manning
18 February 2016, 5:25pm

Last season, our favorite non-demographic-specific brand 69 kept its spring/summer 16 presentation on its Los Angeles home turf, staging the ultimate denim disco dance party at 356 Mission Gallery. Friends and fans donned 69's zig-zag prints and comfy casual fabrics, busting out their grooviest moves. Though i-D premiered the accompanying video, we were still pretty jealous the west coast got to have all the fun. Much to our delight, 69 touched down in New York yesterday to present its fall/winter 16 collection at The Standard -- top notch disco soundtrack and all.

"Y'all invited me and I never refuse an invitation," 69's anonymous designer told us yesterday explaining why they traded LA sun for bitter New York cold. But they came ready for the winter weather, armed with oversized denim puffer scarves, tailored three-piece indigo suits, and amazingly sculptural jackets resembling giant plates of spaghetti. These medium and dark washed denim creations were paired with pops of color -- like red waistcoats and trousers, black wrap dresses and knit tops.

The presentation's format was simple: two giant white paper seamless backdrops were positioned next to each other inside The Standard's wood-paneled High Line room. One was designated a "backstage" area, where Instagram-cast models would chill, chat, and wait for their turns to dance across the empty seamless to sweet disco sounds. Sometimes boogieing two or three at a time, the models covered their faces in stringy denim masks that obscured their identities and made their movements all the more uninhibited.

"The season is really about interchangeable basics, and the presentation is keeping things anonymous so you're only focusing on the clothes and combinations," the designer said. "I wanted this sort of format because it really shows that everything works with each other; you can interchange. And the masks make things fun -- these guys feel more comfortable."

It worked perfectly. Attendees got an up close and personal view of the clothing, which wasn't positioned in some far away fantastical universe. Imaginative but ultimately practical, the elevated everyday garments can really adapt to your life. Hopefully it's one that involves a lot of dancing. 


Text Emily Manning
Photography Christine Hahn

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