​35 ways to get ahead in fashion

Be fabulous, be loyal and always put Taylor Swift gifs in internal emails. Here's our guide to making it in the fashion industry.

by Sarah Raphael
12 June 2015, 9:20pm

Someone else would have written 35 completely different things because there are a million ways to get ahead in the fashion industry; it is, after all, a creative pursuit. Fashion is one of the most diverse industries and no two people in it are alike. Except for me and the younger, fitter me: Felicity Kinsella. The most obvious things I can think of are: 1. Be nice. 2. Work hard. and 3. Do everything you can to be in the right place at the right time because it's only half chance. Here's 35 other pointers, but I should probably warn you now, it's mostly bollocks.

1. Say yes to everything.

2. Then as soon as you're successful, say no to everything, due to time constraints.

3. "If you have to cry go outside." Kelly Cutrone.

4. Remember it's PR, not ER. Have perspective.

5. Realize no one cares who you are or how many emails you have to answer IRL. That applies to the post office line.

6. Wear sneakers, it's much more endearing.

7. If you're not naturally fabulous, you'd better be prepared to work really hard.

8. Don't be jealous of the naturally fabulous people, they have a lot of issues.

9. Learn how to pronounce designers' names. If you don't know, DO NOT GUESS, just leave abruptly.

10. Write short, curt emails. 'Yes'. 'No'. I once wrote a long over the top email to Will Self and he replied saying: "Yes. WS." That's power.

11. Stop complaining, it's not that bad.

12. But if everyone else is complaining, do not be the person that's all, "actually I feel really lucky to be here."

13. Never be off sick, it's not worth it.

14. Always be 5-10 minutes late. Everyone else is and you'll quickly realize that promptness is extremely unproductive.

15. Be loyal to the friends you make along the way.

16. Don't be a bitch but if you need to bitch, be quiet about it. The walls have ears, literally in some rare fashion cases.

17. Don't wear itchy fabrics even if they look good, squirming is inelegant.

18. Send a generous amount of Taylor Swift gifs in internal emails.

19. Say thank you. They didn't have to do it. Don't take it for granted.

20. Have gumption. Have an opinion and trust your taste, even if it's different to what someone else is saying, because they probably don't know any better than you. Anna Wintour said: "Even if I'm completely unsure I'll pretend I know exactly what I'm talking about and make a decision."

21. Get off your phone. Ideas and inspiration exists IRL as well.

22. "Always dress like you're going to meet your worst enemy." Massive advice from Coco Chanel.

23. You can't please everyone, even and especially if you try. I recently met with my university tutor, who said: "You're doing really well", and I said "Really? what makes you say that?" and he said "everyone thinks you're a bitch."

24. Always have an escape plan in mind. Something ridiculous like moving to India that you can fantasize about during stressful moments.

25. Check Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Daily Mail showbiz, BoF, Guardian and whatever else you see fit every morning before work so you can say "I know" to anything anyone says that day.

26. Don't forget what you actually like doing. It's easy to get caught up in the syntax of things, so remember to make time for what you actually like.

27. Don't be dramatic.

28. If you don't know what's going on in a meeting, remain silent, make one salient point, and leave. Less is more when it's actually less.

29. Don't always try to get ahead, it's exhausting. Enjoy where you're at.

30. Fact check.

31. If you don't know what somebody's talking about, ask them, don't just nod and say "amazing," like a dog.

32. "Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly." Baz Luhrmann.

33. Enjoy it for what it is. Take fashion seriously, but with a pinch of salt.

34. Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you. Hold on to what you try to be, your in-div-id-uality, when the world is on your shoulders, just smile and let it go. If people try to put you down, just walk on by, don't turn around, you only have to answer to yourself. Don't you know it's true what they say, that life ain't easy, but your time's coming around, so don't stop trying. Don't stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you. [Repeat to fade]

35. If all else fails, shave your head and wear a dramatic black sack. They love that. 


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