5 iconic articles by ingrid sischy

She wrote that 1994 'Interview' story about an adorable young Leonardo DiCaprio (the issue with the lips on the cover), negotiated John Galliano’s first-ever sober interview, and this year, for her final piece, profiled 7-year-old Chanel model Hudson...

by Alice Newell-Hanson
27 July 2015, 10:20pm

Predicting Leonardo DiCaprio's career as a "really sexy star" in Interview, 1994:
In 1994, a baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio (fresh off What's Eating Gilbert Grape) appeared on the cover of Interview looking even younger than his 20 years. He holds a giant pair of inflatable lips up to his goofy angel face. It's an iconic cover and Sischy's accompanying interview is filled with touchingly frank sound bites - she always knew how to level with somebody. She gets Leo to talk about: Cheating on his math homework. Learning about the birds and the bees during a man-to-man talk with Pauly Shore. And looking for love (he wants to find it and travel the world, he says).

Shadowing Alaïa for the New Yorker, 1994:
Ingrid was a champion of anyone who pushed the boundaries of their field. And in fashion in 1994, that was Azzedine Alaïa. In her profile for the New Yorker that year, she paints a precise and hilarious portrait of a "curly-haired, Napoleon-sized man who looks a little like Gertrude Stein" and who fearlessly tells a certain major fashion fashion to go fuck itself. It's a totally gripping, insightful read.

Talking to Elizabeth Taylor about her "bling" in Interview, 2007:
Sischy served as editor-in-chief at Interview from 1990 until 2008. Among her many conversations with the greats of the era, her phone interview with Elizabeth Taylor is a jewel. Recently republished by Interview in three parts (here, here and here), it begins with the opening gambit, "I'm happy to hear your voice. I heard you went swimming with sharks." It goes on to cover: How Elizabeth felt when swimming with the sharks ("like an angel, floating"), her childhood pony, Betty ("a real wildcat"), bomb-shelter parties in the Hollywood Hills, and her marriages. Testament to Ingrid's phone manner: Elizabeth invites her to come tour her "jewelry closet" next time she's in LA.

Scoring Galliano's first sober interview for Vanity Fair, 2013:
In July 2013, Sischy's interview with John Galliano - the first since he was dismissed from Dior in 2011 - rocked the fashion world when it appeared in Vanity Fair. Sischy charts, with signature honesty and nuance, her journey from watching that viral video to eventually meeting Galliano in his Paris apartment. "I was going to end up in a mental asylum or six feet under," confesses Galliano of his drinking and drug taking, and goes into even more personal detail about his heart-wrenching early years. It is THE Galliano interview.

Following Chanel's miniature model Hudson Kroenig, Vanity Fair, 2015:
In a profile in the New Yorker in 1986, writer Janet Malcolm christened Ingrid "A Girl of the Zeitgeist." Nothing confirms that more than her last ever piece, about Karl Lagerfeld's seven-year-old godson and Chanel model, Hudson Kroenig. The article will be published in the September issue of Vanity Fair, but you can read it online here. In it, Sischy cherrypicks the sweetest and most surreal moments from the life of the New Jersey-raised "couture child," including dinners with Rihanna and babysitting appointments with Katy Perry. As ever, she is kind, observant and super, super funny.


Text Alice Newell-Hanson
Photography Gasper Tringale via @vanityfair

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