disney has cast its 'little mermaid'

Halle Bailey will play the iconic half-fish teen, meanwhile Lizzo is yet to be locked down for the role of Ursula.

by Jack Sunnucks
03 July 2019, 8:42pm

Good news, fans of fish-centric legend The Little Mermaid! Halle Bailey, the singer who forms half of Chloe x Halle, has been tapped to play Ariel in the live-action remake of the Disney classic. “After an extensive search, it was abundantly clear that Halle possesses that rare combination of spirit, heart, youth, innocence, and substance — plus a glorious singing voice — all intrinsic qualities necessary to play this iconic role,” director Rob Marshall said in a statement.

We truly can’t wait to hear her intone the legendary chanson, “Part of Your World,” and twirl a fork, because thankfully the remake features all of the songs from the original 1989 film, as well as a new number by Lin Manuel Miranda. The cast already includes Awkwafina and Room’s Jacob Tremblay — Ursula is yet to be locked down, but allegedly Disney is in talks with Melissa McCarthy.

Both Twitter, and i-D however are of the opinion that Lizzo would make a great Ursula — the iconic flautist even tweeted “IM URSULA. PERIOD. @Disney.” alongside a video of her in full sea witch drag singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls/” Which she nailed, obviously, with a well timed "Bitch" at the end for good measure. Lizzo for Ursula 2020. The film begins production next year.

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