watch girlpool’s spellbinding ‘minute in your mind’ video

The 80s inspired track is the first off their latest album 'What Chaos Is Imaginary' to get the visual treatment.

by Nicole DeMarco
22 May 2019, 4:20pm

Photo by Luke Gilford.

Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad, the unstoppable pair that make up the LA-based band Girlpool, are back with a captivating new video for the song “Minute in Your Mind.” The track is off their latest album What Chaos Is Imaginary, a compelling record of transition and triumph that signified a new era for Girlpool. “The album feels like a very transitional time, sonically, because it’s a lot of these older songs, and then it flirts with these new interests that we have,” Cleo told i-D.

The spellbinding video is directed by Amalia Irons, and it perfectly sets the scene for the 80s-inspired, synth track. Cleo sings poetic lyrics straight into the camera while floating in a neon-lit pool (or extra large jacuzzi), all the while giving the camera intense eye contact. A man works out next to an airstream, wearing headphones, and practices some light gardening, seemingly oblivious to Cleo alongside him. “You just help me sink/ I do,” he ruminates, bathed in purple haze. Not long after, Harmony joins in for a haunting verse. The whole thing is otherworldly, much like Girlpool’s sound.

The band heads to Europe this summer, to tour their latest album. For now, watch the video below.

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