the new chvrches video is a riot


by Georgie Wright
25 April 2018, 4:23pm

Image via Youtube

On first hearing CHVRCHES " Miracle," we immediately Googled every festival the Glaswegian band are playing this summer and plugged them in our Gcal. The vision: Lauren Mayberry’s voice piercing a mass of bobbing heads as the pre-chorus crescendos. Up and up and up it goes until — a pause — the drop. Holy shit, the drop.

Drops are tricky. They’re a relatively easy way to shoehorn guaranteed sonic satisfaction into a track — generally a subpar EDM one — inducing visions of bronzed hunks of flesh fistpumping their way through Magaluf. But, when done right, they are ecstasy. This is a drop done right. This is the song we need to hear at the exact moment the sun sets over a crowded paddock somewhere in the north of England.

In the meantime, we’ll occupy ourselves with this video. It’s kind of similar, except replace the dusty field with a smoky room. Swap the moshing fans for a riot. We’re assuming it’s a metaphor for the inner turmoil of trying to figure out if someone loves you, given the lyrics: “If love is enough / could you let me know / if you feel it could you let me show.” So, basically the absolute opposite of the euphoric state we plan to be in when we hear this song live. Either way, know that it’s the perfect soundtrack to the apexes of emotion. And for the record, here is a nice long list of all of CHVRCHES festival dates.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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