how gen z yellow took over your instagram (and the world)

In this week’s episode of i-D’s fashion podcast, 'Fash-ON Fash-OFF,' we’re taking a deep dive into Gen Z Yellow — the bright, squelching color of the moment.

by Matthew Whitehouse
19 April 2018, 1:03pm

Keener-eyed i-D readers will recall that last week, i-D Deputy Editor Felix Petty wrote a piece entitled, "What Even Is Gen Z Yellow and Should We Care About It?"

“Even with the dodgy name,” he said, “Gen Z yellow seems like it is happening. It is a thing now: it was spotted walking up and down the spring/summer 18 and fall/winter 18 catwalks. Press releases keep on appearing trumpeting it as the new thing. Sales of yellow are up! up! up!”

But what exactly is Gen Z yellow? And, more importantly, why is it?

As you may have gathered, in this week’s episode of the i-D podcast, Fash-ON Fash-OFF, we’re taking a deep dive into the year’s biggest color trend — Gen Z Yellow. We’re going to figure out what it is and why we should all apparently care about it. We’ll be hearing from Art Hoe Collective -- a New York based movement often credited as originators of the craze. And we’ll be debating where this leaves millennial pink -- the once ubiquitous tone left cold and shamed in a forgotten corner of Instagram.

Today, I’m joined i-D Deputy Editor Felix Petty, i-D Features Editor Tish Weinstock, and i-D Contributing Editor Douglas Greenwood.

You can listen to Fash-On Fash-Off on Acast, Apple, or wherever it is you get your podcasts.

This article originally appeared on i-D UK.

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