araks is the sustainable lingerie brand redefining beauty

See photos from the eighth edition of 'Lingerie on Film,' featuring Suki Waterhouse, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Miranda July.

by Nicole DeMarco
17 September 2019, 2:00pm

Since launching her eponymous lingerie collection in 2000, designer Araks Yeramyan has become known for her beautifully minimalist, yet bold pieces—from 80s-inspired polka dot bikinis to color-blocked silk and chiffon bralettes. The garments themselves are not only designed with the intention of making the wearer feel beautiful starting with the most intimate of layers, but they are made sustainably and produced entirely in New York City.

Each year, Araks brings together creatives in the fields of fashion, art, film and design, for the Lingerie on Film photo book project. While there are no rules per se, participants are encouraged to document themselves, their undergarments, and how they see beauty using a disposable camera. “An appreciation for a woman’s natural beauty and all of our vast differences are at the core of the brand," Yeramyan says. "The Lingerie On Film project reflects and celebrates this, the way women naturally are, and the perfectness in that."

The result is a collection of refreshingly unretouched and uncurated images that provide an alluring snapshot of reality. Not to mention a look at Arak's timeless collection. See the photos and how this years Lingerie on Film cast defines beauty below.


Rachel Fleit
"Beauty in 2019 is owning who you are. All of you, inside and out, all your parts. Celebrating yourself, being kind to yourself, having compassion when you make a mistake, being proud of all you have accomplished and all the hard and scary stuff you have walked through. That’s beautiful."


Miranda July
"I’m relieved beauty is getting weirder. I often look at an actress and think: does she know that that one weird thing about her face is what we are all addicted to? I mean, it’s no secret. In our personal lives, that imperfection is what hooks you. So, I’m glad that this idea of specificity is coming around."


Suki Waterhouse
"It feels like joy and hopefulness, the kind that doesn’t have the tinges of fear brewing beneath it. Beauty to me is your wild and weird inner life you’re building; deeply personal and unravelling and that only you need to understand."


April Hughes
"Diversity, individuality…. the freedom to be who you want to be."


Jo Rosenthal
"[Beauty is] staying vigilant and not letting anything ugly go unpunished."


Sabrina Desousa
"Embracing change."


Batsheva Hay
"Beauty always means comfort and confidence. Not caring what people think."


Jasmin Shokrian
"Beauty is everywhere, if you look. Every color, shape are all beautiful. Beauty is integrity, vulnerability, strength, love, and respect for the planet, your true self, others, and all of its creatures."


Prints from Lingerie on Film will be on sale online, here, and all proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood NYC.

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