Photography Maxwell Tomlinson. Styling Max Clark.

welcome to london, stüssy

London’s only standalone Stüssy store opens next week.

by Ryan White
21 August 2018, 11:36am

Photography Maxwell Tomlinson. Styling Max Clark.

Once a humble vendor of surf tees and shorts in Laguna Beach, the eponymous label of surfer Shawn Stussy has grown to become one of fashion’s most cherished labels in the last 30 years. A forefather of the prevailing fashion trend we now call “streetwear”, Stüssy developed a casual, comfortable aesthetic that grew in parallel with the rise of skate culture and the hip-hop scene on both the east and west coast of America. Both skating and hip-hop developed symbiotic relationships with fashion, a look that Stüssy continues to bridge in blissful harmony.

Not that the brand has only found popularity on home-ground. Stüssy and i-D have for many years inspired and created work with one another; most recently with a capsule collection of i-D x Stüssy merch. But having only been stocked in Dover Street Market in the last few years, the brand is set to open an original “chapter” -- what it refers to its stores as -- on 30 August, on 115 Wardour Street in Soho. With the recent closing of Wardour News, the capital’s magazine mecca, just a couple doors down, it’s heartening to know at least there’ll be one less Pret opening in its absence.

The brand shared the news with three videos of the classic Stüssy 8-Ball rolling through London’s most iconic addresses; Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Green Park tube station.

Dover Street Market