Photography Lua Riber

this experimental mix is ​​a beautiful chaotic mess

Fresh from their appearance at Berlin Atonal, this is Giant Swan.

by Juule Kay
28 August 2018, 10:47am

Photography Lua Riber

Giant Swan are different. Not loud, not quiet. Not techno, but also not strictly not techno. It confuses them too. "Our music is like curling up and laughing hysterically," the Bristol duo — Robin Stewart and Harry Wright — explain, attempting to make sense of their sound. What might seem a bit weird at first, gradually begins to make perfect sense once your ears have acclimatised. But what are they like live? As those attending their set at Berlin's Atonal discovered this weekend, witnesses can expect total unpredictability culminating in a frenzied climax of experimental chaos. Fun!

Into the sound of that, we called on the not-techno punks to make us a mix. "It follows a functional narrative via some dance floor gear," they tell i-D. "But as our tastes and attention spans are vast, it inevitably goes off on a tangent. There’re some unreleased tunes in there too!"

Discover more about Giant Swan and Berlin Atonal here.

This article was originally posted by i-D DE.

This article originally appeared on i-D DE.

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Giant Swans
Giant Swan