someone deleted trump’s twitter on their last day of work

Quite thrilled to finally be able to write ‘good,’ ‘news’ and ‘Trump’ in the same sentence tbh.

by Georgie Wright
03 November 2017, 12:40pm


Trump's Twitter stopped existing for eleven whole minutes. 660 whole seconds without a small angry orange man butchering the English language with monosyllabic words and an excessive use of exclamation marks. 660,000 milliseconds without the so-called leader of the free world reducing major political events to a singular dismissive sentence. The best bit, though, is that the person responsible for dismantling Trump's verbal vomit bucket was a Twitter employee on their last day. This is, presumably, the sole event the phrase 'mic drop' was invented for.

Now, if you are most people, you'll have had a crap job at some stage, and you'll have daydreamed in exhaustive detail about the dramatic way you'll depart. Perhaps, as someone is haranguing you once again about leaving the milk out of the fridge, you've drafted an all office email with a GIF of Gemma Collins giving the finger. You didn't send it, of course, but you dreamt of it. Oh how you yearned for it.

This wonderful human actually did it. This person actually followed through with a plan that involved deleting the President of the United States' Twitter account. As per, Trump's response was weird:

Like, what word is he talking about it? Because it certainly wasn't his, for a beautiful eleven minutes.

Tbh that's not even that long, but we've got to take what we can get these days don't we.

Donald Trump