Photo courtesy of Zara Larsson.

Zara Larsson’s new album will sound like "Abba on acid"

The Swedish pop supreme talks to us about her new single, kickstarting her third era and working with Ariana Grande.

by Douglas Greenwood
10 July 2020, 3:26pm

Photo courtesy of Zara Larsson.

Okay, ring the alarm: Zara Larsson, known best as a pop star who sings lots of very good songs, is back, baby! And despite the coronavirus threatening to stall her next era (ZL3, as the stans would call it), she’s stitched together the final elements of her third musical project from her home in Sweden.

This week, we got our very first taste of this excellence in the form of “Love Me Land”, a sleek and sexy banger about someone really fit walking into your life and your legs going to jelly. It features a sort-of falsetto on the first line and some isolated strings that 2005 “Hung Up” Madonna would die for. Disco has officially returned!

So how is Zara feeling about all of this? Well, the day before the single dropped, we invited her onto our Instagram live series NOTHING TO Hi-DE to talk about the song nobody had heard yet, and how she’d put the finishing touches to her new album -- one that was five years in the making, by the way! -- from her home country having left Los Angeles thanks to Ms. Rona.

There were lots of really nice pull quotes we could take from the conversation too! Like the bit where we ask her to describe “Love Me Land” as a creature, and she says it’s either bioluminescent plankton or an owl standing up. Or the bit where she talks about how her brief for all studio sessions is to create a song that sounds like “Abba on acid”.

We also had a nice chat about a photo circulating online, of Zara in the studio with one Ariana Grande! If you click the link below, you can watch in real time as Zara literally rearranges the tracklist for her forthcoming album to see if she can make space for it somewhere. If not, she says, there’s always the inevitable deluxe edition. That and more on this week’s NOTHING TO Hi-DE, which is available for your watching pleasure by pressing the big play button down below!

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