WAIT, are Instagram letting us target our stories?

If the ‘selected friends’ update is approved, you can gossip or be horny on stories to different lists of your followers.

by Tom George
09 November 2021, 1:29pm

Emily in Paris

Is there anything more frustrating than when, armed with a tastefully artistic nude, you have to perform the emotional labour of carefully picking through your Close Friends list to temporarily remove those who may not appreciate you bombarding their feed? Well, according to a reputable leaker in the world of social media updates, it looks like Instagram is working on a way to make the transition from Close Friends content (the usual bitching, shitposts and L’s ) to, um, closer friends content that much easier.

In a tweet from Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer who reverse engineers apps to find upcoming features and updates social media giants are working on, Instagram are testing out the ability to make separate lists of Close Friends for your story posts meaning they can be tailored to a specific segment of your audience.

It’s an update on a “selected friends” feature they were working on in June where you could specify the audience of each and every story post, as well as the idea of private stories that can only be seen by followers or mutuals —rather than just anyone with an Instagram account — meaning you can still share without having to make your entire account private.

While Alessandro’s tweet includes a mock-up example image of what this could look like, with separate lists for colleagues, friends and family, we all know that “the girlies”, “thot pics” and “those who actually want to see 20+ pictures a day of my dog” are probably more realistic divisions.

Of course, these are still currently just potential features in the pipeline, and there has been no official word from Instagram on this themselves or any release date. In the meantime, you’re still gonna have to keep removing that one righteous but close friend from your story whenever you want to showcase your new Savage x Fenty purchase.

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