J.Lo is the star of Versace’s post-internet campaign

Shot by Mert & Marcus, the image series explores the internet’s transformative potential. And yes – J.Lo is wearing ‘the dress’!

by Mahoro Seward
13 January 2020, 11:50am

Photography Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Though you’re probably battling to keep up with the stream of menswear shows flowing out of Milan this weekend, allow your mind to drift back to last September, when the Italian city’s SS20 womenswear shows were in full swing. As you’ll no doubt recall, Versace took the prize for the season’s most viral moment, with Jennifer Lopez taking the floor in an updated version of that green dress she wore to the Grammys 20 years previously. Yes, the dress that was so widely searched on Y2K-era search engines that it induced the development of Google Images.

JLo Versace SS20

Now, the Hustlers lead has yet again donned the fabled jungle print, this time to star in the Milanese house’s SS20 campaign. Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the image series sees J.Lo joined by Kendall Jenner in a Matrix-like cyberspace.

Kendall Jenner Versace SS20

Commenting on the extent to which the internet has blurred once discrete boundaries in our lives, the campaign’s starring duo are cast against a backdrop of brooding close-ups of their own faces as they type their own names into holographic search bars. (Who, after all, doesn’t periodically google themselves?) The result is an entrancing yet eerie moment in which the searcher and the IRL search result become one. Meta is the official mood of the 2020s -- you heard it here first.

JLo Versace SS20
Kendall Jenner Versace SS20
JLo Versace SS20
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