It's official, Eurovision is more popular than porn

Pornhub saw a significant drop in users during the finale.

by Tom George
02 June 2021, 2:03pm

Image from Twitter

As the 65th Eurovision Song Contest came to a close in Rotterdam last week, Pornhub has reported a significant drop in the number of users it saw on the platform during the finale. The data comes from Pornhub Insights who watch how major events impact usage on their site and online porn viewership. The service found that throughout the evening of the 22 May 2021, most competing countries were averaging around 7-11% less Pornhub users than usual.

So, what could it have been about the (incredibly horny) 2021 contest that had us gripped? Were we more interested in those unfortunate dancing peace sign hands? Moldova’s addictive dancing? The leathered-up, anti-drug and mostly shirtless rockstar winners, Måneskin? We’re going to go with Måneskin. Anyway, if you’re wondering just how many people switched over from their usual porn viewing to watch the 2021 European singing contest, here’s a breakdown of the results. Spoiler alert: the UK didn’t fare very well here either. 

According to the report, Malta and Iceland -- both of whom placed within the top ten -- were the least horny (or, indeed, most distracted) on the night, with Pornhub seeing a 30% drop in average users during the finale. They were closely followed by Lithuania who saw at least one-fifth of it’s usual porn-viewing population otherwise preoccupied, perhaps enamoured by the neon yellow wardrobe of their act

Italy, the 2021 winners -- whose act Måneskin had the energy of if ABBA went through a Reputation era and wrote a song for the Twilight soundtrack -- were 4% hornier than usual prior to the finale airing. They also seemed to be assured of their win, many turning back over to Pornhub (in celebration?) just before the crown was awarded.

The sullen UK who unfortunately (but also kind of iconically) once again scored a big fat score of zero points from the public and judges, were considerably less horny than usual both prior to and during the finale. We also seemed to be in low spirits after the show ended, struggling to recover our libido as British Pornhub traffic waned until 2am. 

The drop in Pornhub users isn’t too surprising given the adult film site often notes fluctuations in it’s user count during major events. The 2020 US Election naturally saw America’s sex drive go all over the place as results came in on the night; while, as you’d expect, overall Pornhub usage has been very much on the up during Covid. The number of people on the adult streaming site during Eurovision 2021 averaged lower than the previous event in Tel Aviv in 2019 but we weren’t quite as horny on average as we were during the 2016 event hosted by Ukraine. 

So there you go. Not sure what you do with that information tbh. With next year’s contest to be hosted in Italy and the likelihood of Måneskin performing again during the interval, who knows what that will do to our sexual appetite. Until then, feel free to study the full impact of Eurovision 2021 on Pornhub viewership here

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