Everything we know about American Horror Stories

The new trailer promises a vengeful Santa, the return of Rubber Man, lots of seances and Kaia Gerber talking murder in the bathtub.

by Tom George
09 July 2021, 1:48pm

Still from American Horror Stories trailer

It’s been nearly two years since the last season of the twisted camp TV series American Horror Story. However, before season 10 airs later this summer, a new trailer has dropped for the spin-off show American Horror Stories, set to premiere next week, on 15 July. With sixteen hour-long episodes, the show will bring new horrors, places and characters to the universe as well as the return of the most sinister aspects of the franchise’s lore. We also have the debut of Kaia Gerber whose character promises to be queer and sinister, and Paris Jackson in her return to the genre after Scream (2019).  As we gear up for a summer of horror, here’s everything you need to know about American Horror Stories. Where you can watch it, who’s in it, and, most importantly, is Sarah Paulson returning?

What’s American Horror Stories about?

With American Horror Story facing some criticism in recent years for losing steam mid-season, American Horror Stories -- with its storylines contained within an episode -- seems to be a response from showrunner Ryan Murphy to change things up. However, the show will still exist within the intricate AHS universe, with the trailer promising a return to the Murder House, with it’s creepy inhabitant, Rubber Man, and his new partner Rubber Woman (cute, I guess?). We’re also promised horrors involving a murderous Santa Claus, a screeching Piggy Man, seances, snakes, witchy salt circles in the candle-light, ghosts, demons, murders at the drive-in cinema and politicians ranting about the dangers of horror films. Very meta.

Who’s in it?

With 21 cast members announced so far, Ryan Murphy implied on Instagram it would be a huge ensemble, stating: “this isn’t even half of it”. One notable name announced is model and i-D coverstar Kaia Gerber playing the sinister Ruby who, dressed in all black and scraping a knife along what looks like the corridors of the coven school, is perhaps joining the witches. The trailer also suggests her character will be romantically linked to Scarlett, played by Disney Channel star Sierra McCormick.

A teaser for the series also gave us a few of the cast and their character’s names. Paris Jackson will appear as a character called Maya and Riverdale’s Charles Melton as Wyatt. Aaron Tveit (who played Tripp Van Der Bilt in Gossip Girl) will be playing Adam alongside Halloween (2018) star Virginia Gardner as Bernadette and Creepshow’s Madison Bailey as Kelly. Danny Trejo will be playing Bad Santa while Charmed’s Amy Grabow will be taking on the role of Tipper Gore, Al Gore’s ex-wife. Previous Ryan Murphy collaborators like Dyllón Burnside (Pose), Nico Greetham (The Prom) and Kevin McHale (Glee) also join the cast as well as the return of show veterans Billie Lourd, Matt Bomer, John Caroll Lynch, Naomi Grossman, and many more names.

Is Sarah Paulson returning to AHS?

Horror fans live off the dramatic cry screams of Sarah Paulson. It’s the air we breathe. Our bread and butter. However after the horror veteran and internet obsession played three different characters in season 8, the star opted out of season 9’s camp-fire murder spree while she filmed Ratched. Although Sarah hasn’t been listed in the cast list for American Horror Stories as of yet, we do know she will be hopping into the director’s seat for at least part of the series. She’s also set to return to the original show for its tenth season, playing a character curiously called “TB Karen”.

Where and when can you watch it?

According to Digital Spy, the show will premiere exclusively on Hulu on 15 July, each episode then airing weekly. Elsewhere the show will be available to watch on Fox.

When is American Horror Story season 10 coming?

Our spooky summer will continue with American Horror Story season 10, scheduled to air on Hulu from 25 August. The season, entitled Double Feature, will also include Kaia Gerber alongside fellow show newbie Macaulay Caulkin. It’s likely to explore the first pilgrims and the landing of the Mayflower in the first half of the series, while the second half is rumoured to be following US politics in the 50s and 60s, specifically the relationship between JFK and Marilyn Monroe. A poster for the season shows a pale human-like creature making out with an alien as they pass a black pill between their tongues. Creepy and gross but also intriguing - everything we expect from the American Horror Story universe TBH.

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