thelma plum inspires self-preservation and other local music you need

Our favourite new music from Australia and New Zealand in one curated list.

by i-D Staff
11 February 2019, 7:42am

Not Angry Anymore , Thelma Plum
Not Angry Anymore is the second single from Thelma Plum’s upcoming album (due later in 2019), which finds the singer-songwriter moving on from drama. It’s a song about letting go of resentment that she wrote towards the end of a relationship, when she realised being angry was hurting herself more than anyone else. An anthem for self-preservation, Not Angry Anymore is an upbeat exploration of emotional growth that’ll come in handy next time you’re feeling consumed by rage.

Everything I Want , Collarbones
Everything I Want is the second single from genre-bending electropop act Collarbones after the duo took a two-year hiatus. This time around long distance collaborators, Sydney-based Marcus Whale and Adelaide-based Travis Cook, have delivered an abstract take on a ballad that’s just as playful as it is dark. It’s the perfect song to soundtrack both the highest-highs and lowest-lows of your emotional peaks and troughs.

Nobody’s Home, Mallrat & Basenji
After spending the early days of her career exploring the nuances of being a teenager, a slightly older Mallrat teams up with Basenji and turns her attention towards being on the cusp of her twenties. On Nobody’s Home the duo deal with a universal idea that has no age limit: freaking out about a crush. Accompanying the single is an equally dreamy and elaborately produced video that sets the tone for the collaboration’s melancholic but hopeful ode to romance.

You Up?, People Say, Good Morning
Melbourne-based band Good Morning have released two new loose tracks online for all of our listening pleasure. In You Up? the band asks a lot of questions and drop references to an organic market, while People Say is a country-twanged comment on other’s expectations. Both tracks come in under two minutes in length making them short, sweet and essential.

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