this manifesto might just fix gender imbalance in the music industry

Keychange take their game plan to European parliament.

by Frankie Dunn
20 November 2018, 12:30pm

Image courtesy of Keychange Instagram

In nice non-Brexit news, the international Keychange initiative — led by the UK's PRS Foundation — today launches a manifesto in Brussels aiming to unite the music industry, governments and European Parliament in taking positive action towards gender parity in music. This is the latest and boldest move to come from Keychange’s collective mission to improve the state of the music industry by correcting the longstanding gender gap at the top.

The manifesto highlights the current state of the industry, including the fact that men working at major music companies earn on average 30% more than women; that 2018 US festival lineups were made up of 76% male performers, 14% female and 12% mixed gender acts; and the news that of the 600 most popular songs this year, just 2% were produced by women.

The Keychange Manifesto: Recommendations For A Gender Balanced Music Industry proposes action across four key areas: working conditions and lack of senior role models in a male-dominated workforce, investment in programmes to empower underrepresented artists and industry professionals, research into the current gender gap, and education to promote gender stereotype-tackling careers advice in school.

Keychange, which was started up 18 months ago as a development programme for 60 female artists and innovators, has evolved into a worldwide movement. Since asking festivals to pledge that they would work towards a 50/50 gender split across line-ups and conferences by 2022, they’ve picked up support from over 140 of them. Plenty of time to achieve something that they really should be doing already, hey?

Nice work, Keychange.

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