premiere: sofi de la torre, 19 in mexico

i-D premieres the latest stream of consciousness from Spanish alt pop songstress Sofi de la Torre.

by i-D Staff
09 November 2015, 6:45pm

Sofi de la Torre is the Spanish singer/songwriter that you really should know about already. Doing pop music and doing it well is no mean feat, but Sofi is pulling all the punches, making incredible electro pop tunes that we're kinda obsessed with. With the swagger of Drake fused with a laid-back Lana vibe, Sofi's music is dreamy but still manages to lure you in with a killer chorus. Sofi is a hands-on kinda girl, getting involved in all elements of the creative surrounding her music; crafting beautiful shot, hazy images and writing honest and engaging lyrics.

We think it's time to share something exclusive from the lady herself. i-D are pleased to share '19 In Mexico'. "I wrote '19 in Mexico' after a night out with my producer Jonas." Sofi explains. "He played me the beat and I was like 'No, this is just SILLY good'. So he e-mailed it to me and the morning after I wrote the song in like 15 minutes. Then he came over to my flat and we re-recorded the vocals. It's the most R&B/stream-of-consciousness leaning track of them all. I'm kinda in love with it." Press play on the inebriated, mind flow that is 19 In Mexico.

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