#anishandweiweiwalk out of london for refugee crisis

Ahead of his major new exhibition at the Royal Academy, Ai Weiwei has announced his latest project with Anish Kapoor via Instagram.

by Tom Ivin
15 September 2015, 1:40pm

Last night on Kapoor's Instagram account, the two art provocateurs stuck middle fingers up at the handling of the refugee crisis, announcing a walk out of London carrying a single blanket in support of the 60 million refugees across the world. The walk will begin Thursday 17th September at 10am, with the public invited to join bringing only a blanket as a symbol of support. 

In the coming months, the performance piece will be repeated in various cities worldwide. This is the first time the artists have been connected, in November last year Kapoor made a Gangnam Style video as a tribute to Weiwei, whose own version of the Psy song was removed from the internet in China. 

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Ai Weiwei
Anish Kapoor