bobby abley spring/summer 16

​A short time ago in a galaxy pretty close (this one, Holborn to be precise)... Bobby Abley returned to London Collections: Men to transport us into his version of Star Wars. The force is strong with this one.

by Steve Salter
16 June 2015, 1:14pm

​Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

"I feel good, it's nice to be back," Bobby Abley beams backstage. Taking us back to the future and deep into his starry eyed imagination, Bobby marked his solo catwalk debut by reimagining his first intergalactic Fashion East installation, Astro-Abley. Mixing the retro sci-fi components of The Jetsons and Astro Boy with his copy, pasted and manipulated take on Star Wars, he demonstrated his warp speed progression from fun-packed talent to growing brand.

"I was keen to return to some of the ideas in my static autumn/winter 13 presentation but add movement," he explains. "Doodling in my sketchbook, I just wrote Princess Leia and then Slayer. So the Star Wars theme was born with Princess Slayer!" With his version of Ursula's grin spreading across the front row, it made perfect sense for the designer to stay in his Disney daydreams and the far, far away galaxies of the franchise provided a wealth of inspiration. Almost too much. "In all honesty, I had a mental and creative block initially because there are so many narratives and characters within Star Wars. Not forgetting the fact you can buy its merchandise anywhere," he adds. He resolved both potential problems by delving deep inside his imagination. All is not what it seems. Princess Leia is Prince Slayer. C3PO becomes wires. Darth Vader and Storm Troopers become eyes on neoprene sweaters. Playful and uncompromising. London Collections:Men has missed Bobby Abley.


Text Steve Salter
Photography Jason Lloyd Evans

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spring/summer 16
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