We spoke to club kids around the country about why partying is so important in many queer lives, and how we can work together to make it better.

by i-D Staff
17 November 2016, 2:09am

What does the "perfect night out" look like for you?
The perfect night out for me begins with pre-drinks with queer friends at my favuorite Korean bar. On occasion there's some pre-club dancing if they're playing some K-Pop bangers (which is most of the time) then heading down to Yah Yah's in Fitzroy for my favourite queer night, Thursgay!

Why is the club such an important haven for gender diverse and queer kids?
The club scene is an escape from reality, a reality which can often be dark and turbulent. Some of them, including myself, would be dealing with estranged family ties, bigotry and discrimination from the general public. It's very much a safe space for us where we can be somewhat comfortable living our truth without fear of harassment, at queer friendly clubs anyway.

How does the club foster style, culture and community?
When I first started going out clubbing I would see so many people in amazing get-ups and it really inspired me to play around with looks and find my own unique style. I never knew I would make so many friends at the club, but the smoking area really changed my life. I could sit (or stand) there for hours talking to people, everyone is just so chill.

Should we be thinking about accessible ways that queer people can connect outside of the club as well?
Yes, definitely, and there are. I've joined a few great queer groups on Facebook that people I've befriended at the club added me to. We stay hella connected, share relevant memes and sometimes plan nights out together.


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