​body positive #curvy returns to instagram

No longer considered “inappropriate content”, you can search for curves to your heart’s content.

by Charlotte Gush
28 July 2015, 12:20am


Instagram only banned #curvy last week, but after a flood of questions, complaints and the #bringbackcurvy campaign, the social media giant has announced that it will reinstate the body-positive hashtag.

Nicky Jackson Colaco, the Director of Public Policy at Instagram, told WP that the hashtag had become overrun with pornography and was shut down automatically when posts using the hashtag were reported for containing inappropriate content a certain number of times. "We try to be really thoughtful about looking at these issues," Jackson Colaco says, adding that, "There is zero chance" Instagram would intentionally shut down a hashtag with a positive message, like #curvy.

Now, when you search for #curvy, you will be shown a curated selection of posts. Body positivity campaigners like Stefania Ferrario, pictured above, have celebrated the launch by posting new images tagged #curvy. Props to Instagram for swiftly overturning the silly ban; we suggest they #freethenipple next!


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