will there be an aaliyah and mac cosmetics collab?

Fans of the i-D coverstar and legendary musician have called for a collaboration, and Missy’s the first to step up with support.

by i-D Staff
06 August 2015, 12:12am

Dedicated supporters of late RnB princess Aaliyah have started a petition (and the hashtag, #AaliyahforMAC) in attempt to prompt a posthumous collaboration between her and the brand. "As a huge MAC fan & consumer of their permanent line & limited edition collections, we want MAC to be the first brand to reintroduce Aaliyah's legacy to the world in a format that it has never been given before," they say in the change.org petition. The campaign has been met with incredible support online from fans, Aaliyah's stylists and the likes of Missy Elliot. More importantly, the star's brother Rashad has responded to a fan's tweet saying that his sister, who was known for her iconic make-up looks, had been a big MAC fan. He has since stated that he would happily work with her licensing team on the project. If this dreamed-up team becomes a reality, it would be the first time since the reissue of I Care 4 You that the family have approved a posthumous project. 

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