green juices and detoxes inspired mia goth’s new horror movie

Just in case the wellness movement wasn’t terrifying enough.

by Wendy Syfret
21 December 2016, 1:41am

While the wellness backlash has been creeping in for a while, a new horror film from Gore Verbinski might officially signal the end of the green-juice era. The director, who previously made VHS tapes terrifying with The Ring, has pulled in Mia GothDane DeHaan and The OA's Jason Isaacs in A Cure For Wellness. The film follows Dane's character as he travels to a Swiss retreat to rescue his boss. Once there he becomes entrapped in the system, and begins to wonder whether his physical or mental health is more at risk.

Mia plays a mysterious patient who warns him of the dangers lurking in the water (aerobics). With her otherworldly appearance, the Nymphomaniac star is tidily cast as a languishing devotee to the cult of impossibly perfect health. Check it out below, and consider treating yourself to a burger tonight.


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