look up! it's jeffrey hinton's big sky

The artist, filmmaker and DJ has delved into his iconic archives to create a unique artwork, entitled Big Sky, for cult East London restaurant Bistrotheque. Check out the exclusive trailer below.

by Tish Weinstock
22 December 2016, 5:00am

To Bistrotheque, where visionary artist, filmmaker and DJ Jeffrey Hinton will be diving down the rabbit hole, into his video archive, mashing it all up and serving it fresh just in time for Christmas. A visual feast of footage from 1982, right up to clips he shot last week, Big Sky is an exciting and unique video installation that fuses together the worlds of music, film, performance and art.

Growing up in subversive 70s London, Jeffrey was inspired by the excitement and illicit nature of underground culture from a young age. After a hedonist stint in New York, where he stayed with William Burroughs and hit up the likes of Studio 54, Mud Club and Crisco Disco (as you do…), Jeffrey returned to London where he took up digs in the legendary Warren Street Squat. There he began experimenting with nuanced ways of mixing music, film and video. By the 80s, he'd become one of the coolest DJs on the block, dreaming up musical storms and tearing the house down everywhere he went, from The Blitz club to Leigh Bowery's Taboo. The list of legendary tales goes on, but why read about it here when you can live through it via his new installation, Big Sky which will be projected each night in Bistrotheque's main dining room till January 6th.

Still not tempted? Let this exclusive clip whet your whistle…

Jeffrey Hinton