67’s six favourite rhymers from south london

South London is on fire in 2016, with marquee MCs like Stormzy setting the scene alight alongside newcomers like Nadia Rose. Brixton Hill quintet 67, who have just dropped their drill-heavy mixtape Lets Lurk are the latest in a lineage of lyricists...

by Hattie Collins
11 October 2016, 10:54am

Giggs - Whippin' Excursion
"We grew up listening to Giggs, he's one of the rappers that we can listen to and relate to. We've got respect for Giggs in the music game and also how he represented where he came from in his music a lot, putting Peckham on the map."

Youngs Tef - Nandos
"We rate Tef in the music thing. He's been going in for a while now and we grew up listening to a lot of his material, especially because he was often around us as he knows some of older siblings etc. We've seen each other's journeys closely and we think he's lyrically one of the best in the UK. He's a good all round rapper."

Reekz MB ft AJ Tracey & Young Teflon - 23
"Reeks is hard! He's got a similar sound to us and he's someone we listen to a lot. We feed off his energy, and vice versa, plus we've also got a mutual respect for each other's music and what we stand for."

K Trap - Lol
"He raps about experiences that we can relate to and uses a lot of lingo that many people wouldn't really understand, but we do, which is what we like. He's also someone else that we grew up around and he has a similar sound meaning that, creatively, we bounce off each other."

Mischief - Illegal 2
"This is another rapper that grew up around us. Mischief has his own unique sound, wordplay and delivery that is different from others so he stands out to us. He's the kind of rapper that gets our vibe as we do his, both generally and creatively, so it mixes up the influence we all have on each other."

Blade Brown - Drug Dealer
"Yeah, Blade is a sick rapper, we've been listening to him for a while now. He's got motivational rap down to an art. Blade is also someone that has been around us from the early days and we've watched what his music has done. Blade has played a real part in our musical history."

67's new mixtape, Lets Lurk, is out now and available from iTunes.


Text Hattie Collins
Photography Luke Wright

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