​rihanna is listening to her long, long awaited album anti right now

Will room 8 of ANTiDiaRy open soon? Is the album really about to drop now?

by Charlotte Gush
25 January 2016, 5:08pm

With Rihanna's ANTi world tour scheduled to start on 26 February, fans are getting increasingly impatient for the album to drop, and have gone bananas on Twitter since RiRi posted a picture of herself in headphones with the caption "listening to ANTI" this afternoon.

What could it mean? Is the original Bad Gal just teasing us, or is she teasing the imminent opening of the eighth and final room of her experiential mobile app ANTiDiaRy? Or even the big one: finally releasing the album we've been waiting for for what now feels like all our lives. Eyes sharp and ears to the ground people, this is (possibly, hopefully) not a drill!