​young thug is terrifyingly quick in the studio

Tour DJ and studio engineer Alex Tumay has detailed just how fast he has to work to keep up with the Atlanta rapper, after others just couldn’t match the pace.

10 November 2015, 3:45pm


Young Thug's engineer and tour DJ Alex Tumay has revealed the incredible pace at which the Atlanta rapper records his bars. Tumay and YT started working together back in 2013 on the track Some More, after Thugger kicked an engineer out of the recording session seemingly for being too slow.

"[Metro Boomin] came in and was like, 'Alex, he needs to do this song, it's going to be a hit. Please, come record it'. He had kicked the engineer out. He needed somebody to be really quick," Tumay explains in an interview with the Fader. "A lot of engineers are a little confused 'cause you have to have an understanding of timing, because he'll rap the same bar three or four times in a row. It will sound almost identical, but he will be like, 'Pick the third and put it in the sixth bar of this verse,' and he'll fill in the blanks. And he doesn't want you to take more than a second to do that," he says, adding, "I could keep up with him, and that's how I came on the tab for Metro".

Tumay also reveals that every line in Danny Glover was one-take, and the whole track took just 7 minutes to record. He also explains the rapid-fire double team of Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan: "When him and Rich Homie Quan were [working together a lot,] they would both be in the booth, on the same microphone, handing off the headphones to each other or holding the headphones out and rapping. It's fucking amazing, but also as an engineer who's trying to make them both sound as good as they can, it was like a nightmare: I'm sitting there sweating, trying to get the mics right between takes. Their minds are both racing a mile a minute".