judy blame on his moschino hat trick

You know what they say — when he’s good, he’s beret, beret good! We take our hat off to legendary stylist Judy Blame and find out all about his latest collaboration with Jeremy Scott’s Moschino.

by Matthew Whitehouse
18 January 2017, 1:44pm

moschino autumn/winter 17

Judy Blame. Man, myth, legend, possessor of one of the best Instagram accounts in the game, and the genius behind those Moschino berets that went down a storm in Milan on Sunday. An update of the legendary stylist's DIY aesthetic — think make-do-and-mend eclecticism, keys, buttons, and pins — his ability to find beauty in the trash can made him the perfect foil for designer Jeremy Scott, a man similarly known for his ability to conjure all manner of luxury from the mundane. With Jeremy commenting that his fall/winter 17 collection was inspired by the current political climate — "We have to fight: we have to fight for beauty, we have to fight for rights, we have to fight for everything we believe in," he told our very own Anders Christian Madsen — Judy's military-style berets lent a combative (buffalo) stance: a do-not-fuck-with-us sensibility that came tied up with all the pathos and understanding you'd expect from one of the most influential meaning-makers around. You know what they say: when he's good, he's beret, beret good. Read our quick chat with the man himself below.

Hello Judy. Can you describe the Moschino collab in your own words?
Last minute, hard work, old school.

How did it all come about?
Jeremy emailed me saying he'd found an old beret of mine and could we meet up and update it for Moschino.

Jeremy told us that the collection was inspired by the current political climate and how we need to fight for everything we believe in… What do you want to fight for, Judy?
Human rights and healing the world.

Can you remember the first hat you ever customized?
The first time I started customizing hats was for Boy George. We made loads of different ones for all his outfits at the time.

If you were to be reincarnated as a hat today, what would it look like?
A top hat with a heavy veil.

Complete this sentence: "Anywhere I lay my hat…"
That's my homo!

Look: Judy Blame rips it up with his punk DIY aesthetic. New age fun with a vintage feel!


Text Matthew Whitehouse
Judy portrait by Juergen Teller

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