exclusive: fall for bassette's breathtaking voice in "boys with guitars"

Listen to new track from Bassette ft. IshDARR, as we learn eight things about the Bermuda-born singer.

by Hattie Collins
09 March 2017, 4:16pm

Singing from the same hymn sheet as SZA, Bibi Bourelly, and Kehlani, new artist Bassette boasts a beautiful voice, set to otherworldly R&B. Her debut single, "Boys with Guitars" is a determined statement; lovestruck by louche musicians, Bassette despairs at an inability to protect her heart. We too swooned at Bassette's breathtaking voice, and immediately tracked her down to find out more.

Press play on "Boys with Guitars" and get to know this future star.

1. Bassette is from Bermuda
"I was born and raised there until the age of five. Yes, Bermuda is the one with the triangle and no I don't know why things go missing! My family relocated to Scotland and then Sheffield where I'm now based. People can never pinpoint where my accent is from; they usually think America or Canada."

2. Her philosophy focuses around continuous self-improvement
"I see every day as an opportunity to learn something new. I believe in doing what you want because no one's in control of your life but you. So live it how you want, for you."

3. She's wanted to sing from an early age
"Ever since seeing Beyoncé on an episode of Smart Guy years ago, I felt inspired! She was about sixteen at the time and singing was just fun for her. It wasn't until about 17 that she decided to make a career out of it, one she enjoys, where she's not being told what to do, what time to be at work, when to take a break."

4. She's has nearly died a few times
"I once choked on a grape. Another time I got stuck between train doors. I also had bus doors close on me and I've nearly drowned in an ocean."

5. She's an introvert
"Ironically given what I do, I really dislike crowds. I'm very quiet and soft-spoken, shy at first. I barely said a word as a child."

6. She's laughs a lot
"Like, too much. It's actually quite infectious [laughs]."

7. She wants to give back
"I would love to start a charity one day to help the homeless. Everyone should have a place to call home, where they feel safe and secure."

8. She loves boys with guitars
"Well, I love anyone who can play an instrument — it's so admirable. I usually write my own stuff but this track was sent to me and I instantly fell in love and connected with it."


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