gorillaz’s new tv show was too dark for dreamworks

The animated heroes are coming to the small screen for a 10-episode series.

by VICE Staff
11 April 2017, 3:40pm

After years of making us wait and watching us squirm over the eternal promise of new material, Gorillaz are now giving it up in spades. With their new album Humanz on the very close horizon — 28 April incase you just woke up from a month-long nap — they've revealed they also have a TV show in the works. Speaking to Q the band explained the 10 episode animation series was originally going to be created by DreamWorks, but they passed as the project was deemed too dark to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on.

While they didn't elaborate on what this slightly cheaper, assumably darker, incarnation will look like, they did open up more about Humanz. The final product will be full of impressive guest appearances, but they didn't get everyone on their wish list: Morrissey, Sade and Dionne Warwick all passed on the chance to appear. Although you never know, maybe they'll reconsider?


Text Wendy Syfret