your women's march sign could end up in a museum

One exhibition Ivanka won't be going to see.

by i-D Staff and Hannah Ongley
23 January 2017, 7:45pm

Donald Trump was thrown a history-making housewarming party on Saturday when half a million women congregated on his new doorstep. They didn't bring much champagne or silverware, but they did bring some very eye-catching cards — reading things such as "Now You've Pissed Off Grandma," "I've Seen Sturdier Cabinets at IKEA," "I Love Naps But I Stay Woke" (complete with an actual baby), and "Shut the Fuck Up Donny You're Out of Your Element" (complete with actual Steve Buscemi).

Following the march, the protest signs were laid across the president's lawn and in front of other government buildings, while sister marches all over the nation saw signs left outside Trump-owned buildings and subway stations. Luckily, it wasn't just sanitation departments and White House staffers swooping in to clean them up. According to The Cut, museums all over the world have been collecting these signs, and many of them have been doing so for a few weeks now.

Preservation of the protest signs doesn't just ensure that they don't get thrown in the trash. It also makes it much more difficult for Team Trump to pass off the sea of protests as the fleeting emotions of a few triggered liberals. As one sign read on Saturday, "They Chanted 'Snowflakes' and Summoned a Blizzard." A permanent winter never sounded so good. 


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