check out the new luxury tech label from fashion's favourite duo

Chaos is the accessories label you are going to love; the brainchild of two of the most influential women in the industry, Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall, the pair enlisted some of the world's biggest models to mess around with the collection in...

by Tish Weinstock
23 November 2016, 9:27pm

What better way to launch a collection than having it modelled by a host of your best model friends, which is exactly what Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall did when they introduced their luxury tech accessories label to the world last week. Dressed in a limited edition of silk evening tracksuits, emblazoned with the word 'chaos' on the back, the styling duo rounded up the likes of Edie Campbell, Karlie Kloss, Dilone and Taylor Hill to prance around in a video, piercing balloons, hugging giant teddies, swinging baseball bats and brandishing the Chaos collection of portable chargers in eye-popping colours and sumptuous phone cases, adorned with metal zips and small charms that allow you to wear your phone around your neck. While the initial phone accessories are readily available, you'll have to wait till next year for those customised silk garms. In the meantime, here are some intimate polaroids of the girls in action to whet your appetite.


Text Tish Weinstock
Photography Yvan Fabing

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