10 things you need to know about peyton knight

Bowl-cut of the year goes to new face, Alexander Wang exclusive and Victoria Beckham fave: Peyton Knight.

by Felicity Kinsella
17 December 2015, 12:35pm

Peyton Knight is the 17-year-old St Louis native who - in the space of three months - walked for everyone from Victoria Beckham to Chanel, rocketed to the top of all our ones-to-watch lists, and is now sitting pretty in the pages of i-D (The Here and Now Issue, No. 340, Winter 2015). Discovered when she was 11 years old leaving the cinema with her mum after watching Twilight, and signed to IMG when she was 13, Knight has been on the scene for a while but it was hair whizz(ard) Guido Palau, and Alexander Wang who initially placed her on the fashion world's radar, hiring her for her debut show and then cutting her hair before she took her first step on the runway. Transforming her long brown locks into a moptop to rival those of the 60s boybands, Knight's girl-next-door vibes were swapped for old-school modish charm, and us dedicated followers of fashion can't get enough of it.

1. Her first ever shoot is still her fave... 
"I've been given so many different opportunities just in the past year, it's crazy! I'm still extremely fond of my W magazine editorial with Steven Meisel back in 2012, it was my first ever job and nothing can quite beat that memory."

2. She put her hair in Guido's hands…
"I'd always wanted to do something fun with it, so I said go for it! I'm not going to lie, I was a bit anxious to see it, but I knew I was in good hands."

3. She was one of the popular girls at school...
"Oh gosh. well, I'd say I was a bit 'quirky' I guess, and pretty outgoing. I was never one to pass up a social outing with friends."

Alexander Wang spring/summer 16

4. If she hadn't graduated early to focus on a career in modelling, she'd want to be a writer or a chef...
"I'm interested in a lot of things (like photography, writing) but I'd probably do something that involved literature, maybe like journalism or getting involved with a magazine. I also would love to try a career in cooking, I would make a great chef!"

5. The most used apps on her phone are...
"Instagram, 1010! and Pinterest."

6. This is what she thinks of her growing social media following…
"I'd be lying if I didn't check it sometimes. I think it's funny that people are interested in my life aha!"

J.W. Anderson spring/summer 16

7. She's a body positive pioneer...
"So many people, especially women struggle with the way they feel inside their skin. As a model, I've also faced plenty of public criticism for my body type and it's not a good feeling! I'd really like to start a movement to bring back the innocent positivity children have about everything, including self-image. I admire how kids base their values on personality and "niceness" and not on how other kids look. When I was a kid, I never saw a difference between myself and other kids as far as body shape was concerned, and I'd just like to have adults think this way, too. It's not worth sacrificing your happiness to change your body into something that it just isn't naturally. I want to promote health and happiness."

8. The best advice she's got for you?
"Be yourself."

9. She wants to be a philanthropist when she's older. And/or a chef...
"I'll be a businesswoman with my own company, and I'll start a charity. I'm not exactly sure what for yet, but topics that are close to me are dogs and food for kids. I'd also like to make a cookbook."

10. Her New Year's Resolution is...
"To think more positively and encourage others."

Victoria Beckham spring/summer 16



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