plug in for ngv's unplugged live

Song writing and contemporary art are fused together for the National Gallery of Victoria's initiative.

by Savannah Anand-Sobti
24 June 2015, 5:48am


The National Gallery of Victoria is getting set again for this year's Unplugged Live. Turning the gallery into a gig space, NGV will curate the music to complement the art from July 5th. Each event will be hosted by Jae Gaffer of The Panics and every week a different contemporary artist and their body of work will become the focus of a discussion to, "unlock the inspiration behind their works on display." The idea is to "reveal some of the fascinating links we can make between songwriting and art-making as creative practices," states Gaffer. Following the conversations there will be short, live music sets of emerging and established artists like Katy Steele of Little Birdy, Tom Iansek of Big Scary and Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Olympia. Check out the line up here

NGV Australia
July 5 - August 9
Level 3, Temporary Exhibitions