the met gala’s hits and misses by ryan lo

One of i-D’s favourite designers channels Fashion Police for his favourite event of the year.

by i-D Staff and Jack Sunnucks
03 May 2016, 9:09pm

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Ryan Lo is the London designer who lights up the runways with his ethereal mashup of ladylike couture and Lolita style. Unbeknownst to most, he's also full of fashion trivia, able to reference both Nicolas Ghesquière and Project Runway's best seasons in one breath. We caught up with him to ask what it is about the Met Gala that he loves, who was best dressed, and what Rachel Zoe is up to.

Why do you find the Met Gala so fascinating?
I find all red carpets (The Oscars, Met, Golden Globes) fascinating! It's the only time of the year when celebrities become a public target and they can't say anything about it because they know the rules - either end up in the best dressed list or the worst and we are the judge. That's part of the game. The quote that springs to mind is Samantha Jones in Sex And The City: "'UGH! She looks like shit! Is her stylist blind?"

How well do you think the attendees interpreted the theme this year? There was a lot of silver…
Just no.

Aside from one of your own creations, who would you have worn to best reflect the theme?
Archive Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière - no one dared, but we saw a lot of Vuitton gals.

What did you think of last year's China theme?
The actual theme was China through the eyes of some non-Chinese designers. Not actual China! Please note. It's like if my interpretation of the Middle East was through the Sex And The City 2 Movie. LOL.

What's this year's biggest scandal?
BECKY! Also, for me, seeing Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the same venue.

What do you think the subliminal message in Beyoncé's dress was this year? Last year she was practically naked and it seemed to proclaim her mastery of the world.
I don't care about her.

What did you think of the large Vuitton presence on the red carpet? Do you think they looked modern?
I can only say Selena Gomez looked surprisingly modern and, frankly one of the most beautifully dressed of the entire night.

Do you think princess gowns are modern? Is it repressive making women wear them?
As someone makes princess gowns for a living, I think princess gowns are totally modern, but women have to be careful with the styling and most importantly understand their own personality and body shape!

Who were the best dressed for you? And why?
Claire Danes wins! Hands down! Her light up Zac Posen Cinderella dress is so 'Project Runway', but it worked beautifully. The execution is great, the shape is not fussy, the hair and makeup was classy enough. She looked great! (said in my best Nina Garcia voice).

Honourable mentions go to Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton and Saoirse Ronan in Christopher Kane. They both looked beautiful without trying too hard, the effect was effortlessly chic!

Sadly none of my best dressed women are on the Vogue best dressed list.

What do you think about criticism of the wilder outfits? It seems like people who have the most fun should be celebrated rather than dissed.
Please note having fun and desperately seeking attention at the 'Fashion Oscars' are two totally different things!

Whose outfits did you find lacking?
No-one was lacking anything yesterday, we had a lot of too much going on!

What is Sarah Jessica Parker doing?
Trying to promote her own shoe business, her new bridal line is coming hence her heels are blue!

What would you like to see as a theme/exhibition?
Lolita/Japanese culture so I can get some of my dresses in the exhibition!

Who are in your red carpet, best dressed hall of fame?
Gwyneth Paltrow's pink Ralph Lauren dress at the 71st Oscars' is a proper sleeping beauty princess moment.

Another highlight would be Cameron Diaz's hot pink Chanel dress from Fall 08 couture at the Golden Globes, the stylist Rachel Zoe altered the dress into a simple one shoulder instead of the Heidi Mount runway version. I learnt that from the Rachel Zoe Project.


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