i think, therefore i gram; here are february's best instas

Forget “rich kids of London”, from Cara’s Leo themed selfies to Adele’s indecent proposal, here are some of February’s finest. Spoiler: there’s a strong Leo vibe…

by Tish Weinstock and i-D Staff
02 March 2016, 11:04pm

Leo is our homeboy
Leonardo DiCaprio, light of our lives, fire of our loins. Our sin, our soul, L-e-o. Six nominations, one red carpet rampage and a million memes later and now our boy has finally taken home the Oscar for Best Actor. To celebrate, he posted a picture of himself and The Revenant director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Oscar in hand, accompanied by a pretty inspirational message about climate change. Yep, that's right, it was his first ever Oscar win, and all he could think about is the world. <3

Cara does Leo
As we waited with baited breath over whether or not Leo would take home his much deserved Oscar, the rest of the world took to Instagram with a selection of Leo inspired memes. In particular, Cara Delevingne, who used MSQRD, you know that new "selfie animation" app that everyone's obsessed with, to transform herself into Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar winner extraordinaire. She also transformed herself into a gorilla, but that's a different story.

Adele wants to do Leo
Wishing him well from the other side, Adele posted a Titanic themed tribute to Leo on the night of the Oscars, in which a tiny Adele stands on the very staircase where Leo's character Jack once waited for Rose. "Good luck Leo!" she wrote, "Everyone loves you because you're the best. Meet me at the clock anytime bruv X". We'll see you there, babe.

Ocean's Thirteen and a Half
Jacob Tremblay is quite possibly one of the most charming young men ever to exist. Aged just 9 years old, he's already bagged himself a Critic's Choice Award, been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award, and has pretty much charmed all of Hollywood, just look at his Instagram. From Leo and Lady Gaga, to J Law and Room co-star Brie Larsen, Jacob's posed for selfies with all of 'em. But it's his montage with the George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt, accompanied by the caption "Ocean's Thirteen and a Half" which takes the biscuit. Although this was a close second. And this, actually.

Bye Felicia
Serial loller Marc Jacobs was back to his old tricks this month, with his witty posts here and there. The best, however, was one of his brand new doormat, framed here by his pet pooch Neville and furry friend. Bye Felicia, don't let the door hit you on your way out!

Tea anyone?
Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose sent shockwaves through social media with when they jointly posted a snap of themselves on Insta, right after Amber Rose's baby daddy and Kim's hub (Amber's ex) had an explosive beef on Twitter, which Amber eventually waded in to with the immortal line #fingersinyourbootyassbitch. Was this what Kanye meant when he Tweeted "Me and my wife got the kind of love that can turn exes into best friends"? Who knows, but the mind does boggle…

Let sleeping Ye's lie
Tired out from his Twitter tirade about Bill Cosby, bitches, the world, and Taylor Swift, Yeezy found a quiet spot to rest his head, alongside his daughter North. Shout out to Kim for the photo.

Drizzy gets bizzy
It was the greatest surprise appearance of all grime, and definitely the best thing to come out of the Brits (he literally left the Brits to do this), when Champagne Papi himself joined Section Boyz and Skepta on stage, at Village Underground, to perform Jumpman and Meek Mill diss-track Back to Back. #We'reNotWorthy.

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