​5 things we all should’ve learnt from all saints

We wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but here, celebrating an overdue comeback with some handy life advice from the All Saints archive.

by Francesca Dunn
28 January 2016, 11:10pm

Never ever have we ever learnt something that we couldn't have taken from a song. How to deal with heartbreak? We'd been through it all before with Adele. Mates over dates? Already engrained into us courtesy of The Spice Girls. That everything will turn out okay? Biebs seems to be doing more than alright these days. It seems that there are life lessons to be learnt from every record, so, to celebrate their return we delved into the All Saints discography. Read on, take their advice, and may your life be smooth sailing and Pure Shores from this day forward.

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1. Always practice safe sex
You probably missed it back in the day, but 1998 #1 Bootie Call was more than just a playful tune about promiscuity. They know the score and preach that "good loving's not always from the heart, you've gotta be smart," before specifying that, "Jimmy has to ride in your pocket or lock him in your wallet". Basically, this is just S-E-X, so use a condom. Just bring it on, bring it bring it on now.

2. Sometimes you've just gotta walk it off
The other day, Yoko Ono tweeted that "there's something I do to get out of depression. I walk about 80 city blocks. That gives me a real high." Little did she know that All Saints have been doing the same since 1997 when they opened their cover of RHCP's Under The Bridge with the soothing siren sounds of the city and proclaimed that "sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in." The girls know that when shit gets too much and you feel alone, all you've gotta do is go for a little cry-walk.

3. Mindfulness
Black Coffee taught us to appreciate the simple things in life. Laughing with friends, walking on the beach, your morning cup of coffee, the start of a beautiful relationship… "each moment is new, freeze the moment, each moment is cool, freeze the moment." Be mindful and you'll probably find that you wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but hereeeee.

4. Anyone can be a poet
When Shaznay wrote Take The Key, she was clearly going through a poetry phase and thus took inspiration from an infamous Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet. "Let me count the ways in which I love thee," she penned, continuing, "got me going out my mind, thinking about you all the time."

5. Know your worth
It's important to feel good about yourself and I Know Where It's At feels good enough to strut around in a vest top and trackies to, feeling like the powerful pop princess you truly are. Never forget that, "everybody wants to hang out at my party baby," and "I know you've been waiting for my party all your lifetime." 


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