where neoclassical art meets contemporary fashion

Check out these historical paintings spliced into modern fashion imagery.

by Georgie Wright
01 February 2018, 8:45am

Image via Instagram

Is fashion art? The jury’s still out, but we’re certain of this -- they do go hand in hand. Case in point: Instagram account @mor_te. Its collages fuse together the best of both worlds in a marriage as harmonious as Barack and Michelle Obama’s. Think Venus hanging out with Calvin Klein’s campaign stars, RiRi chilling with a couple of Bouguereau’s children, a Kenzo boot slipping on a Warhol banana.

The hybrids are the handiwork of Luka Neziri, a graphic designer and fashion marketing student based in Brescia, north Italy. He cites fashion, art and photography as his holy trinity of hobbies. He uses his spare time to mine magazines and social media for his next collage subjects, aided by every exam swatter’s wet dream: a photographic memory. Every time he looks at a fashion campaign or editorial, he draws on his encyclopedic recollection of famous paintings to pair them with. “I wanted to exploit my god given gift,” he says. Praise thee.

But it’s not just a simple cut-and-paste hack job -- there is an art to matching the autumnal hues of a renaissance painting with, say, Raf Simons’s monochromatic colour palette. So after some “very basic” early work, Luka recruited the help of his mates Sara and Stefania -- surveying and fashion design students respectively. “They helped me understand how can I use human proportions, and where I have to put the shadows in my collages,” Luka explains. “Details are very important.”

With only 26 posts to date, the account is still in its infancy. But hey, we like to be ahead of the Instagram algorithms here at i-D. On that note, help @mor_te’s and hit follow -- then read about his five pièce de résistance below.

“I love this collage, because this painting (by Tamara de Lempicka) is the erotic scene where everyone just finished a threesome.”

“In my opinion, this is the perfect match of old and new American aesthetic.”

“This collage -- made with a Gucci advert -- is the most successful to date. Firstly, because the girls’ faces are similar. Secondly, because the girl on the right seems to be thinking: ‘Hey dude, what the fuck are you doing?’”

“The colours and proportions just look great together.”

“Sensual and delicate.”