Kim Jones and Shawn Stussy share the story behind their new Dior collaboration

See a video of the iconic duo in conversation and get a look at the fall 2020 men's presentation in Miami.

by Jack Sunnucks
06 December 2019, 7:39pm

Yoon Ahn and Shawn Stussy. Image courtesy of Dior. 

"Look at this, it's crazy, and it's outside," says Shawn Stussy upon arriving at the venue for the Fall 2020 Dior Men's show, which is covered in his signature, loopy calligraphy, against a bright yellow background. "The technical involvement in it is really freaking me out, it's trippy," he continues. Aside from Shawn being, evidently, a total dude, how did he come to collaborate with Kim? "I remember buying my first Stussy T-shirt at 14, says Kim. "I always considered Shawn an artist, because when I saw the advertising in magazines like The Face and i-D, they were very strong graphic images that were left behind, and still remind to youth and young people an important legacy." Obvioiusly, Shawn's art didn't just adorn the show building, but also garments throughout the show — embroidered and in ikat, and most fabulously as the Dior logo on berets. "I designed the set myself because I wanted to pay homage to Shawn's love of surfing," says Kim. The whole show ended up being a couture love letter, however, to Shawn's California roots and iconic interpretations of street and surf style.

Kim Jones
Shawn Stussy