slumber session: otzeki

Voyage through the depths of your mind with this edibles-inspired mix from London's "electronic dance rock" duo Otzeki.

by Matthew Whitehouse
05 July 2017, 2:15pm

"Picture the scene," began an email from handsome electronic duo Otzeki, the other week. "A teenage slumber party that takes a turn to the west after guests indulge in some strange brownies, only to find themselves half dancing, half voyaging through the depths of mind made possible via sound..."

Well, readers, we were intrigued. Otzeki -- comprised of Mike Sharp and Joel Roberts -- have been making waves for a minute now, championed by all the usual Radio 1 heads, and appearing to do inexplicably well in France, like some sort of brooding electronica version of Texas. They played their biggest headline show to date at London's trendy Corsica Studios last month, following it up with their latest, greatest single in the form of True Love, a darkly euphoric number with lyrics about warm tongues and shivering spines (Oo-er).

Curious to find out whether the pair were describing the side-effects of eating out of date Betty Crocker or if they simply had a good idea for a mix up their sleeve, we returned their email and here's what they came back with: "We've made a meditative mix that eases through different environments, compiled with an unreleased track made especially for it by our friends Gyorgy Ono and Shcaa, who never cease to inspire us. Also thrown in are a couple of classics given it's peak hour slumber, naturally". Naturally, Otzeki. Just lay off the brownies in future.

Listen: Check out the rest of silky, soothing, sometimes sultry Slumber Sessions.


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