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by Felix Petty
01 February 2017, 12:45pm

Something to put in your calendar this week: Lisson Gallery 50th Birthday
The venerable old master of Britain's gallery scene hits deep middle age this year, celebrating 50 years of pushing art in the UK forward. Their year-long celebrations, across their spaces in London, New York and Milan, will feature exhibitions from Peter Joseph in New York, Lisson's longest standing artist, who first showed with the gallery back in 1967, the year it opened. But what else? Well, just about everything actually, Carmen Herrera, Daniel Buren, Santiago Serra and Anish Kapoor will all present exhibitions of new works in the gallery, alongside many more. There's also Lisson Presents, a series of exhibitions that explores contemporary artists responses to the gallery's history. More information here.

© Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis

Exhibition of the week: Alex Israel and Bret Easton Ellis at Gagosian
The second exhibition of collaborative paintings by the artist Alex Israel, and former enfant terrible of the NYC literary scene, Bret Easton Ellis. The paintings feature writing by Ellis ("This isn't a real relationship," she told him, shrugging. "It's showbiz.") that hint at big, deep, narratives, overlaid on stock images of Los Angeles purchased by Israel, blown up to cinematic proportions, and painted by the set designers designers of Warner Bros. All very LA. More information here.

Album of the week: Sampha
According to his latest single, no one knows Sampha like his piano, appaz, which is a bit :(.  But maybe we're all going to get to know him really, really intimately, as his debut album is finally - four long years after he released his first single - getting released. Imagine, if after all those years, it was really bad? Or what if he changed completely and decided to make a disco album? Or went all punk rock? Nah, it's Sampha, it'll be amazing, don't worry.

Comeback of the week: Blondie
Blondie's back! Again! This time, the coolest pop-disco-post-punk four piece in the entire universe have enlisted a whole army of hip young gunslingers to help create a new record for them; Sia, Charli XCX, Dev Hynes, Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, Nick Valensi of the Strokes, Johnny Marr of The Smiths have all contributed some songwriting credits. Alongside them, hip old gunslingers Joan Jett and Laurie Anderson lead the guest appearances. And isn't new single Fun fun?

Travel to Hull for this, this week: COUM Transmissions at Humber Street Gallery
Never been to Hull? Well here's the perfect reason to; it's hosting a retrospective dedicated COUM Transmissions. Pioneers of industrial music, shocking art, wreckers of civilisation and famous Humbersiders. There's a whole host of events on during the exhibition's run in the UK's newly crowned capital of culture, but this Friday Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti are presenting a rare treat, a live new work all about Hull. More information here.

Book of the week: Beams Beyond Tokyo
Celebrating its 40th birthday this year, Tokyo's BEAMS is the shop. From humble beginnings in Harajuku, it's become an arbiter of style, taste, and influence that spreads far around the world. The book highlights the core of BEAMS' philosophy; collaboration. Excavating the best work they've undertaken with brands and photographers, and exposing the inner working of the shop for all to see. Featuring contributions from everyone from Sofia Coppola, to Tony Batemen, Nigo to Chitose Abe. Buy here.

Pop up of the week: Young Thug's London Pop Up
Want some new merch? Of course you do! Everyone's really into merch these days. It's like fashion, but cheaper! What's not like about that. Remember Camden Market? Yeah, of course you do! You were young once. Well if you want some hot exclusive merch, head down to Camden Market 3 February, where Young Thug will be dishing out the goods from a suitcase with his younger brother, Rodney, and bearded uncle.

Gig of the week: Princess Nokia at Jazz Cafe
I've run out funny cultural banter. Buy tickets. Go see it. It's Princess Nokia, whose great, at the Jazz Cafe, which is a lovely little venue. What more do you need? More info here.


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